Friday, December 13, 2013

"Chronological Order"

I have been working hard on getting my solo CD "Chronological Order" ready for release.  I have finished the mastering process and it is off to the replicator.

"Chronological Order" is a compilation of 13 songs that I have written and recorded from 1969 through 2013.  

CD liner notes:  This project begins with “See the Old Man” which I wrote and recorded in 1969 at the age of sixteen.  Music has been a constant driving force in my life.  I have been involved with an array of other musicians over the years; this album showcases the work that is dearest to my own creations.  This is me.  The project ceases, for now, with “Without the Sun” that I wrote and recorded in 2013.  All songs are in Chronological Order.

"Chronological Order" release date is set for 12/13/2013.  It will be available at all the usual locations...